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You are a tour operator, travel agency? Roadbook for discovery application is for you !

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Mhikes application is dedicated to all the actors of tourism: tourist offices, local authorities, bike rental companies.

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Clubs & resorts

If you own a hotel, holiday village or other type of accommodation, this section is dedicated to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In a few words, Mhikes offers offline mobile guiding solutions with an app and a back office that allows you to offer interactive content to your customers along the route through multimedia POIs.

Mhikes applications are designed for all adventure tourism actors: tour operators, territories, clubs & holiday villages ...

With Mhikes you have several ways to create routes, either:

  • By importing a GPX file of a route you already have and the route will be directly uploaded on the map.
  • On the field with the mobile editor, launch the application, start your route and the route will be automatically created, add any content you want such as photos. Then edit your route on our back office platform.
  • Directly from your computer, you place markers on the map, the route and intersections are generated automatically.

Yes, with Roadbook for Discovery you can create a digital roadbook from scratch on your computer, with day by day steps including itineraries and points of interest, accomodations and any partner that you would like to suggest to your guests.

Even though our back office platform is user friendly we do provide a few hours training, to help you create the best content !

Yes, you can add all the partners you want on the route, and the application guides your customers to them.

This is not a problem, Mhikes applications are available in French, English, and many other languages, then we have the possibility to add other languages on demand !

Who we are ?

Mhikes is originally a GPS application on a smartphone that guides the user along a route (a hike, a ride in the city, a bike ride, trail routes etc.) Today, we have tracks all over the world, both in the city and in the mountains !

Since December 2020, we have become a branch of the Decathlon company dedicated to the Decathlon Outdoor project, with a strong ambition to create the first web and mobile platform dedicated to outdoor micro-experiences.

Our specialty ? It’s geo-location content and guidance on mobile.

In parallel to our free and community application, we have a BtoB activity. We develop innovative white label mobile applications and a web back-office to create guided trips for travel and adventure tourism professionals such as Allibert Trekking, Terre d’Aventure, Azureva and more than 50 clients worldwide.

Our company Mhikes is located in Grenoble on the Inovallée campus between the Belledonne, Chartreuse and Vercors mountains, a perfect playground to use our applications !

What our clients think of us.

Our users have something to say to you.
Samuel Boillot, CEO of Triboovoyage

Samuel Boillot, CEO of Triboovoyage

"Thanks to the application and back office offered by Mhikes, I can guide my clients during their tailor-made trip. With a few clicks on the app, they find their way, do what they want when they want: it's liberty [...] My clients find it revolutionary, in the era of time, and have the feeling that I travel with them thanks to the many points of interest that we have chosen together and that they find in their RoadBook."

Roadbook for discovery user

Roadbook for discovery user

"After booking a trip through an agency, the agency suggested that I use the Roadbook For Discovery app to be guided from my trip."

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