Nomade Aventure, best european tour operator in 2023

Mhikes, One of the Keys to Nomade Aventure's Success

With Julien Leveque, Application & Projects Manager at Nomade Aventure

Can you introduce Nomade Aventure ? 

“Nomade Aventure is a tour operator founded in 1975, specializing in off-the-beaten-path adventure travel, focused on responsible and sustainable tourism. It is the second oldest adventure travel agency in France, the third largest in terms of size, and the best tour operator in France (and Europe!) in 2023.”

What issues did Nomade Aventure want to address by using Mhikes?

“Our trips almost always follow itineraries, sometimes in remote areas, often centered around hiking, and more recently, biking. We found it useful and relevant to leverage new GPS technologies to organize all these movements, ensuring precision and safety. We also decided to digitize the travel guides, as it is both more convenient and more ecological. Additionally, the ability to offer these services in stages, dated and accessible offline, was decisive.”

Were there any unexpected impacts?

“Indeed, Mhikes opened new perspectives for distinguishing various points of interest along the route, inserting notifications based on location or time, and reorganizing certain itineraries…”

Why did you think Mhikes was the solution you needed?

“The use of new technologies for travel is an increasingly marked trend, especially among young people.”

What’s your favorite part of Mhikes?

“Probably the route mapping, the whole ‘cartography’ aspect, a field that already fascinates me; as well as the development of new features…”