With Roadbook for Discovery you can create a trip from scratch on your computer, adding the different stages and the main information for each day of the trip. You have the possibility to detail each day, adding the route previously mapped out, your restaurant/hotel partners, as well as activities to do and points of interest.

The itineraries can be walking, cycling, driving… Once the roadbook is finished, it can be downloaded on the mobile application, your customers will just have to download it and let themselves be guided.

Roadbook For Discovery

Digital travel diary with day-by-day stages

Organise the activities planned during your stay in the digital travel diary.

PDF version of the travel diary

With the PDF generation tool, you always have the possibility to print a travel book in paper format according to your customers' needs.

Add your partners

Whether it's accommodation, restaurants... add all the establishments you want to suggest to your customers and the application will guide them to these places.


Roadbook for discovery is an application available in French and English, and we have the possibility to add custom languages .

A journey with Roadbook for Discovery

Guidance even without a network

Once the trip is downloaded, you can switch to airplane mode and be guided non-stop. The battery consumption is optimised and the guidance is functional anywhere on the planet.

Interactive content along the way

Add tourist content through different multimedia (photos, videos, sounds, quizzes…) along the itinerary which will be automatically triggered when approaching the place you want to highlight.

Voice guidance and information content : enjoy the landscape !

Intersections and multimedia content are voice-triggered so your customers can enjoy the scenery !

3 different ways to create paths

  •  Either by importing GPX files; the route will appear directly on the map.
  • In the field with the mobile editor; make your route, add photos and other content, then edit your route on our back office.
  • Directly from your computer; you place markers on the map, the route and intersections are generated automatically.

A GPS road guiding system

  • A GPS road navigator available without networks and anywhere in the world.
  • Define a road route.
  • Offers freedom, your customers can go anywhere.

Warning system

If you stray too far from the route, take the wrong path, an alert system is triggered. Automatic update of the route to rejoin the course.

Push notifications

Send information to your customer via the app according to their location.

The secrets of creating an unforgettable journey

Creating the paths

With the mobile editor, GPX track import or directly from your computer, create your routes.

Edit your roadbook

From the back office, create your roadbook from A to Z, adding the different stages and information for each day of the trip.

Offer your customers a unique journey

Once the roadbook has been completed, it can be downloaded onto the mobile application, so your customers can simply download it and be guided.

Available in white label

You want an application in your name ? It’s possible, we offer a white label solution :

  • A custom application, 100% personalized 
  • Specific features that can be developed according to your needs
  • Your own application published on the App Store and GooglePlay
  • The best of Mhikes technology

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